A world where everyone is treated as individuals and with respect

Green Valley Support Services, founded by highly experienced registered nurses and professionals closely affiliated with the medical field, is dedicated to delivering a superior standard of care within our community. Our commitment is rooted in providing unparalleled quality care, ensuring the well-being and health of those we serve.


Green Valley Support Services Pty Ltd aims, and objectives shall be;

  1. To promote the delivery of a consistent and professional service to our clients in the Hunter region of NSW.
  2. To foster a good working relationship with all allied services within the community generally in and around the Hunter region.
  3. To promote for cordial relationships between clients and their families additionally other medical practicians, together with social networking and the kindred organisations.
  4. To manage the training, awareness and competences requirements of its employees including inductions within the association in conjunction with the department of NDIS.

Vision Statement


Each Director, employee and contractor is empowered to take responsibility for their own safety and welfare and be a positive contributor to the company.  We take the initiative to maintain our teams’ strong foundation and be a positive agent for Green Valley Support Services Pty Ltd in the Hunter region. 

Empowering all people to take ownership of their life

A world where everyone id treated as individuals and with respect

Every person – a life of fullness

We envision a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.

Integrity and Honesty: 

We shall act with integrity and honesty in the work that we do, the people we interact with, and the decisions that we make. We are accountable to one another and to those whom we serve within the community. 

Respect and Empathy:

We show people and the community respect and support others in times of need.


We appreciate the value and diversity of our team. We respect, trust and support each other and our clients. We realise we are part of a wider community outside of the company and we strive to support and serve our clients and the community.


Greenvalley quality and safety framework will underpin all activities. Greenvalley complies with the Human Services Quality Standards of NDIS. There is a comprehensive range of policies and procedures in place that are based on legislation, regulations, relevant standards and professional guidelines that reflect best practice.

These will inform staff to achieve the best possible outcomes for the participants in their care. Greenvalley will  base its application of good practice principles around regulatory compliance, continuous improvement, sound assessment, planning, monitoring, review of care and development of detailed policies and procedures to inform and guide staff in consistent good practice Greenvalley will abide by the latest version of the NDIS Code of Conduct at all times. It will also establish processes to identify opportunities for improvement, the instigation of systems to act upon identified opportunities for improvement, processes to undertake the evaluation of the effectiveness of strategies and to evaluate compliance with the required regulations and standards. We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

Mission Statement

The role of Green Valley Support Services Pty Ltd and their team shall undertake to provide support to their clients within the community, to promotes awareness, enhances wellbeing, social networking within the medical alliance plus protects the rights of the clients and employees in their service of the Hunter region. 

  • To respect and empower all people to be their best version of themselves
  • Our Mission is to empower people with a disability to engage opportunities of their choice in a supported and inclusive environment.
  • To be the first choice for people with disability. We aim to be creative and responsive to your needs and aspirations whilst embedding people in their community.
  • To empower individuals to coordinate their NDIS plans to achieve personal goals
  • To develop services to enhance quality of life and individual outcomes